The Fine Art of Batik Eggs

Pysanky is an ancient folk art created on real egg shells.  Many cultures have a form of wax resist art: they are best known as Ukrainian Easter Eggs. Pysanky is created by using a batik or wax-resist method of writing hot melted beeswax with a kistka and dipping the egg into a series of dye from lightest to darkest. Traditional symbols and colours all have meaning so your egg is a written message or blessing. The last stage of creating pysanky is to melt the applied wax off using a candle flame to expose the hidden beauty beneath.

When I was a small girl I saw a Canada Vignette on tv showing how these beautiful eggs were made and I was enthralled. I dabbled in this art form since I was young but I only started making pysanky full time when my husband decided to go back to school. I was a full time stay home mom with two very young children and pysanky allowed me to relax and create. 

I love to create from what I see: nature is the best inspiration. I love seeing different patterns in different art forms and apply it to my art. You never know where your next inspiration will come from. I also teach those who want to learn and you can find out where I am teaching under the events tab.  

If you'd like to purchase some of my work, just click the shop tab and you will be taken to my etsy store. Custom work is always welcome: I love making something special and unique!

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Canada Vignette: Easter Eggs

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